The WAWA is embarking on a long term project to capture the history of our sport in the form of photos, teams, records etc etc. This will be a significant project relying on a lot of past skiers, memories, families etc . The past two Hall of Fame events have already provided us with a look at the past with names like Max Kirwan, Fred Williams, Betty Leighton and Bev Bauman giving us a view of the old days. Two books released recently by Max and Fred have added to the history provided in the Bob Wing and the Thurlow family publications along with the great work completed by Ian Faulkner recently. The option of a book has been investigated however to keep it live and up to date it will be web based in soft copy so it can grow as we go.

The Board of WAWA have seen fit to nominate Gary Humphrey (past CEO) as the official Historian for  our organisation who will work with an active committee in setting up a web based History on this page listing key events, personal, Teams etc over our rich history. Gary  has already in touch with many of our past greats with an interest in this matter and all have agreed to come on board as contributors to the program. To date we have Max Kirwan, Ron Fergussen, Ian Faulkner, Bob Wing Gary Barton, Gavin Brain and Fran Hynes to work with Gary in capturing this rich history.

To start the process we don’t want to go too hard too quick so in the first place we need to start with World Teams, names and photo’s. If you have any old photos or Team information we would love a copy (soft or scanned preferable).

If you can help contact Gary on 0428 494 359 or e-mail him at or PO Box 537 Albury 2640.